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“Who I Really Am” (Alice in Rorschach’s Inkblot Wonderland)

From left to right in the video: 13”x15” metallic matte acrylic print, 20”x24” canvas print, 13,5”x15,5” glossy (non-metallic) acrylic print and 20”x24” encaustic original.

I created this piece just for entertaining purposes – supposedly most of you had to sit down with a shrink at some point to tell them what you see in the famous ten inkblots created by Swiss psychiatrist Hermann Rorschach:

The test is brilliant in the sense that it utilizes rudiments of abstract art – form, color, line, tone, texture – to draw conclusions about the person on the receiving end. Interpreting art is just as creative process as making it.

All ten (alcohol ink)blots are disguised in this painting - have fun finding them (or at least my versions of them)!

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