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“The Perpetual Victim and His Flying Monkeys”

12”x18” encaustic/ mixed media on wood, 2022 August.

Quotes from Debbie Mirza’s book, “The Covert Passive Aggressive Narcissist”:
“Here are some common things I heard survivors say they’ve been told by their covert narcissist: ‘You are controlling and manipulative. You devalue me. … You don’t care about my feelings. … I can’t trust you.’ Notice a pattern here? These are all traits of narcissists. They don’t take responsibility for their own behavior; instead, they project what is true about them onto you.” … “None of this makes any sense.”
“You will experience intermittent reinforcement, smear campaigns, flying monkeys, lies, triangulation, absolute absence of empathy, devaluing and demeaning insults, emotional immaturity, profound selfishness, entitled superiority and so much more during this horrific discard phase. You will feel betrayal like you have never known. … The chaos and cruelty you experience from this person you loved with all your heart are unfathomable. … The discard phase is both physically and emotionally debilitating.” … “They do NOT wish you to be happy.”

Also, very informative videos on mentally ill/ pseudomutual families by Sam Vaknin:

Even book by Christian psychologist David Hawkins acknowledges abuse done by churches and by family units that spread gossips instead of clarifying their problems with someone directly: (Yes, believe it or not, I am reading even Christian psychotherapy books sometimes.)

“Look for the victim mentality, the biggest victim on the planet with a Messiah complex, but a Messiah that nobody recognized complex. Even if it was clearly them who’s done most of the awful things to people, they would manage to twist it around, which is truly remarkable.” - Richard Grannon

Reference: Hans Holbein’s painting, ‘The Body of the Dead Christ in the Tomb’, 1521

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