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„Out of My League”

12”x18” encaustic, 2022 September. Mirror tool for narcissists to recognize themselves!

The narcissistic puppet-master is jumping "out of my league" carried by his flying monkeys; meanwhile I alone am playing his game and my strings are being pulled in any of the roles I am destined for in this relationship.

“If you’re with any abusive personality type, it will turn you into a detective. The #1 sign for being with a covert narcissist is that you think you are with one. … There does seem to be an emptiness with them. They feel entitled and have no empathy. They’re highly vulnerable to stress - these people are trauma victims themselves.”
“Look for the victim mentality, the biggest victim on the planet with a Messiah complex, but a Messiah that nobody recognized complex. Even if it was clearly them who’s done most of the awful things to people, they would manage to twist it around, which is truly remarkable.”
“They tend to project their own insecurities and defects onto you. … Coverts unlike overts know that their projected self-image is false.”
“They have a strong desire to be seen as a rescuer and they project themselves as a “good-as-gold” person… like they are morally superior. It comes with fake morality and false humility as well. They will tend towards charitable acts.”
“They have a deep reservoir of rage. But the fury doesn’t match the self-image of “as-good-as-gold”, charitable, rescuer persona; so, it gets repressed like cold rage.”
“This type of narcissist is prone to depression, self-pity, self-isolation and withdrawal into the cave. When triggered, they go back to the kind of mental processes of a four-year-old. Once they refuse to be vulnerable, empathy will die off very quickly because there’s no contact with self and true emotions.”
“They’re extremely self-centered, particularly stubborn. They have such poor generational boundaries, they can be a propensity towards incest, physical or emotional with the family unit.”
“They hint and imply that they’re amazing and nobody can see it, because the world isn’t ready for their genius just yet.”
“Effects on the target: Covert narcissists can drive people crazy and it can actually leave people with serious physical symptoms, anxiety disorders that get so bad, they leave with permanent harm or a full-blown nervous breakdown.” - Richard Grannon

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