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"Assisted Metamorphosis"

20"x24" encaustic/ mixed media, 2022 August.

"...The first is point of fact. My [narcissistic] family members [..."at tea time" - as Taylor] Swift says...] and I agree that most of your grievances did not happen, the others happened very differently than you described.
...Your communications with me over the past week have not been making sense. You need professional help. I'm not gaslighting you, but if I were you can figure it out with a professional."

(One year later, I was told that this was just a genuine concern about my mental wellbeing, because I seemed depressed. After admitting the desire to hurt me on purpose.)

Quote from Dr. Ramani’s newest podcast episode on Noemi’s case at Hillsong:

“Noemi’s form of gaslighting we don’t talk enough about: when people are doing or saying something that’s bad for you, e.g., a confidential disclosure being shared with others [in the community] and telling you that it is good for you is a particularly insidious form of gaslighting. ... It takes gaslighting and multiplies the toxic fallout.”

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