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“Holding Space For You (So We Grow Together)”

This piece is a sequel to Gustav Klimt’s Tree of Life, where a couple has built their nest. They embrace their separateness (tiny figures in big hearts emphasize the hardship around controlling one’s own emotions) and encourage each other to explore their individual paths. In secure attachment, the nest is protected (covered by wings) to prevent the raven (a symbol of death in many cultures) from jumping in. The multi-panel setting highlights that there’s no need for tight closeness for a picture to be complete. As Esther Perel said, long-term connection requires individuality, and a bridge that two people can cross to unite for a brief moment, then to continue living their own life within their own heart. The bridge is the DNA ladder, the ultimate symbol of life and a reminder that we’re all biological beings (the sequence is from the oxytocin receptor, exon1 binding site ;-)). The botanicals symbolize growth and aspiration towards the Sun – holding space for each other allows us to bloom into intimate moments and create new lives (a yet unborn new child is being held by the hands of fate –an inspiration from Robert Sapolsky’s book, Determined, denying free will). I was debating whether I should put the emphasis on the two hearts and push the wildflowers into the background, but eventually I decided not to – life is crazy, chaotic, colorful and overgrown. There is no obvious focal point, instead I wanted people follow the visual motion with their gaze (Jackson Pollock style).

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