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The Beginning

My fluffy helpers and I set up our very own little encaustic studio in our home! (2019 May)

My first abstract drawing I made when I was 14. Pooping goldfish, fishhook waiting for the black molly, question marks in bubbles, secret message with EKG traces in the bottle swallowed by the octopus, giant paramecium… and so much more!

“Half Moon Whale”, a drawing from 2015.
Once upon a time at Half Moon Bay, an orca found an oyster with a rare huge pearl, shining brighter than the moon. A palm tree screamed quietly as humans tried to cut her out. She desperately grasped at the Big Dipper for help and the Big Dipper poured dark clouds in the sky. The growing storm-monster took revenge for the tree's pain and stroke lightning bolts on Earth. One of the lightning bolts hit an underwater meteor that had nearly killed a prehistoric whale a million years ago. Back in the day, the meteor landed on the top of a developing volcano along the Saint Andreas Fault, blocking the way of the lava from breaking out. As the lightning destroyed the meteor, a newly erupting baby-volcano warned all Californians to show greater respect and appreciation to the environment. The ignorant scuba diver in the upper left corner - whose head did not fit in the picture – could have captured all of these magnificent events, but he became too distracted taking his own selfies… consequently he missed out on the almost-apocalypse.)

“Opposites”, 2016. A fun selfie-drawing collaboration with my friend Oliver who (at that time) worked at Tesla. He and I have very different styles, but both of us love to draw! He is very easy going and spontaneous whereas I am more detail oriented and focus on specific projects. First I drew half of his face and half of mine, then handed the paper to him – and he drew half of his face and mine to compare. My contribution to the end result: upper left & lower right corners, his: upper right & lower left parts.

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