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Miss Ukraine

“Miss Ukraine” (20” x 24” encaustic & oil paint on wood panel, 2023 November) is our second collaboration with Tony @very.far.away. Swipe right to see details of the piece and in-progress photos of how our creative process started and evolved! Many months ago, Tony shared a beautiful sketch with me that he drew of a friend of his long time ago. For some reason, the majestic beauty of his figurine immediately reminded me of a very influential U2 song that I grew up with, “Miss Sarajevo”. I created the background story while listening to this beautiful song and watching online all the heartbreaking news from Ukraine - another country under attack in my homeland’s neighborhood since the Yugoslaw Wars ended. Most painting credit goes to Tony - he truly poured his heart into bringing our Miss Ukraine to life. Music inspired both of us, as I discovered his precious notes (see the last photo) just today, taped on the back of the panel. We both deeply wanted to find a way to express our heartfelt empathy through art, and wish peace and strength to those suffering from war all over the world - not only in Ukraine but also in Gaza as well as in other places less frequently mentioned by the Western media. 💔

“Is there a time for keeping your distance?
A time to turn your eyes away?
Is there a time for keeping your head down?
For getting on with your day?”

“Here she comes
Beauty plays the clown
Here she comes
Surreal in her crown”

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